Cazzaro celebrates its 50th anniversary with a joyful party of lights and sounds

A very important party held at its own headquarter which turned into a real party venue with lights, colors, sounds, entertainment

After the first inspection, Tondello Alessandro technical chief of Tondello Tecnologie, has designed a bespoke corporate event which has involved all the guests with Architectural lights scenographies.

Only the latest cutting edge technologies have been installed such as the brand new ROBE’s moving heads MEGAPOINTE, CLAY PAKY’s AXCOR 300 SPOT  newly entered at our rental stuff. For the architectural lights Alessandro decided for the rechargeable led effect EASY COLOR 12 FC made in Italy.

A custome made stage has been used for the speeches during the event, with video  EPSON Z9875U Full HD 12000 Ansilumen , and Analogue Way QuickVU150 for the video output, a Line Array has been installed for the audio with the digital mixer Midas M32R and radiomicrophones Sennheiser Serie 300 G3

Another successfull corporate event made in Italy signed Tondello Tecnologie