A Delicate Elegant winter wedding in an ancient spinning mill at the Venetian courtyside lighted by Tondello Tecnologie

A unique location with a vintage industrial mood, this is the perfect spot for a winter wedding.

Alessandro Tondello, technical chief of Tondello Tecnologie group, has designed the architectural lighting of the wedding using the cutting-edge technology of the showbiz industry choosing  56 Easy Color 12FC byStudio Due Light, made in Italy.

Powerful and performant light effects with rechargeable cable-free technology which avoid the visual impact of the cables and the power request in every location always a big deal in ancient Villas.

For the indoor architectural lighting Alessandro has chosen a pale amber tone installing  60 EVENT SPOT 1800 Q4 di Highlite with the same rechargeable cable-free technology.

A brand new service has been added to our list of professional service for event: the heater for big spaces with professional heaters suitable for big spaces which ensure a warm comfort for guests.

An event designed by Stéphanie Blanche Weddings and Events lighted up with successful by Tondello Tecnologie